Anonymous: Today my boyfriend and I had sex in the back of his car (our first time trying that location) while visiting his grandma. On the way back from her town, I gave him road head to the point where neither of us could take it anymore, so we pulled over on the side of the highway and fucked in the back seat again. It was so hot 😍

OH my gosh I want to give my boyfriend road head so bad, you lucky thing you!

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just my edit xx

Anonymous: hey you're such a wonderful person I love you 💘💘💘

Hey thank you aw- I love you too x

Anonymous: I just fingered my self on my parents bed, omg it was great ✌️

Oosh 🍰

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Anonymous: So I have this huge body pillow thing and me and my cousin ( she's adopted ) were having a sleep over and were both 11 and she started like humping the pillow and I asked what she was doing and she pulled me on the pillow and told me it felt good so I did it and we like got naked and did it to the pillow so we started touching each other boobs and stuff.. We made out too.

Oh my god 🍧👏

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Anonymous: I was hanging over at my best-friends house, we're both boys and he is extremely attractive. And he showed me this video of these guys jerking each other off and we started laughing at it.. I thought it was hit though. Later at night I woke up while he was sleeping and he was totally out of it, He was in his boxers just sleeping there. I began to jerk him off and he came on me. Lol

*masturbating material* 👌

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🐁🐇the mirror says i’m the palest of them all🐇🐁


gosh dang

I want my tight little pussy fucked but baby’s asleep, humph 😥😭

thisish0witgoes: Your blog is my new fav

Aw thank you so much, love getting messages like this!! ✨

coledramatic: Bae, please. Unf. I fucking loving your answers to ask and the sexy ones are just like: Fuuuuck. That's hot.

omg thanks 🙌💕