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Anonymous sent: why u broke up with your bf?

I didn’t o.o


While I was going to the island to get more red hibiscus, Kapp’n told me this and I just fell in love with this quote.
Anonymous sent: There's a guy I've been fucking for two and half months or so, and we agreed not to be with other people and I really liked him at first, and I totally still do but I just want something else. I don't know if I want to be his girlfriend but I just feel like I need to be getting something more, and like I deserve something better. He hasn't done anything but idkk x

The only thing I can really think of doing is to talk to him about it! Be like, I may be developing feelings for you and see what he says. I wish you the best of luck ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

Anonymous sent: What kinky stuff could me and my boyf get up too?

Ever tried role-play? Bondage? You could always watch porn together as you both get each other off.. I wanna do that with my boy soon x

Anonymous sent: Can I have some advive? So this guys flirting with me, and I'm flirting back. I want to ask him out, the only problem is he dated my best friend. She says she never liked him and that I can date him if I want. But I'm not sure? Any ideas? -Emmie

Well as long as she’s cool with it I don’t see the big deal why not! Before you ask though double check with her- pay close attention to her responses and facial expressions because she could be saying she’s okay with it but really isn’t. Friends can be like that sometimes (´ー`)

bossgrande sent: (2) maybe he'll start flirting more and won't stop because of going 'too far'. do you think he likes me?

Boys are strange.. I would hang out with him more, work on being good friends (to the point where you can tell him anything) and I think he’ll start liking you more and more every day. He may be confused himself whether he wants to be in a relationship or not so I say your main thing you have to work with right now is time! You both need it to blossom into something lovely x

bossgrande sent: So I recently broke up with my gf because 1. I started liking someone else and 2. I don't really feel the same with her anymore. So while I was still with her, me and the guy I like said we liked each other. We always flirted but he'd stop when it went to far. after awhile he said he was losing feelings. BUT he still flirts so maybe he lied. (part.1)

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Anonymous sent: I'm so lonely and I don't know what to do anymore

ಥ⌣ಥ I love you