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The Buddhists say if you meet somebody and your heart pounds, your hands shake, your knees go weak, that’s not the one. When you meet your ‘soul mate’ you’ll feel calm. No anxiety, no agitation
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Anonymous sent: Do you believe psychics?

Oo good question! I respect other peoples’ beliefs and stuff but personally i think its (bull shit)

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Anonymous sent: I'm a girl and when I shave my pubic hair I can never get it really smooth at like the front (that place under your belly button), do you have any tips on how I can get it smooth and do boys care if it isn't really smooth there?

Le please read my FAQ .. And it’s all about personal preference really - I don’t think they’ll be THAT picky

my edit darlings, original here x
my edit darlings, original here x
Anonymous sent: Hi :) um, well I'm 17 and I've been asked out a few times, some of those times being boys I've really liked, but I always reject them. I've never had a boyfriend because of this. It's because I'm so scared of anyone being close to my body or seeing me in anything less than a sweater and jeans because I feel too exposed, I feel like there is so much wrong with my body that I'm willing to have a life alone just so I don't have to be intimate with anyone. Sick of feeling like this, any advice? :( x

Okay so with the dating thing- you’re doing the right thing waiting. You need to learn how to love and accept yourself before you try and reflect that on someone else- it’ll just make things so much more easier. Take at least 5 minutes of every day butt naked in front of a mirror. Take your curves in- every imperfection (scars, blemishes, stretch marks, injury marks etc) and embrace them. It’s going to be tough the first few times to really feel like you love the impurities but keep telling yourself how much you dig them and how much someone else will in the future- because they will. Even if you feel like you’re lying to yourself when you say how much ya dig- keep saying it until you truly believe it. I bet you’re a fox waiting to catch her first kill! You’re only given one body a life time so the sooner you learn to love the skin you’re in the happier you’ll be!

angel-bite-me sent: I love your blog💟 I check it all the time and it makes me so happy!! You're positive and sweet and perfect and nonjudgmental and ily 💕

Aw thank you lovely I try! 

Anonymous sent: dude now that i think about it you couldnt reblog a black person on here if you wanted to

what do you mean? I very much could as long as the photo was pale enough- I have a pale edit of Rihanna somewhere on here x

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Anonymous sent: uh hey theres this girl and shes really amazing and wow i love her i think but its really complicated and she has lots of like issues i guess and i want to tell her all these things like how amazing she is but alas she just blows it off nonchalantly but yeah any advice i dunno what im doing

Aw babe! Damn okay what you need to do is wait for her. Not forever- definitely give yourself a limit as to how long you stick around so you don’t end up hurting yourself but this SO sounds like how my boyfriend and I got together! He had depression BAD and would push any girl way far away from him but I managed to get to him through time. I waited a solid 3 months before he finally caved.. Be there for her, support her, pick her up when she’s down and respect her. Give her space if she needs it and be that person she can tell anything to. Eventually through time she will most likely fall for you- especially the way you use words! Like this message is so cute ugh x

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